Texas Hold’Em Bonus

Online Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker

Among the numerous variants of Texas Hold’Em, Texas Hold’Em Bonus poker is a particular favourite with online players, many of whom even prefer Texas Hold’Em Bonus poker to standard Texas Hold’Em. And one of the leading Texas Hold’Em Bonus poker games currently available on the Web is that by created by Amaya Gaming.

The Amaya Texas Hold’Em Bonus Experience

The Amaya Texas Hold’Em Bonus table layout at Spin casino Canada is elegant but simple. Depending on where you play, the colour of the felt of the table will be either dark green or royal blue, with a lifelike velvety texture and the simulation of warm lighting. The layout also features a red, white and blue map of Texas, on which all wagers are placed.

At the top of the table, Texas Hold’Em Bonus players will find a small plaque on which they can click to find out about payouts and table limits. The Bonus paytable, meanwhile, is also printed in white letters on the table itself.

Basics of Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker

As its name suggests, Texas Hold’Em Bonus poker is derived from the original Texas Hold’Em. The primary differences are that there is a bonus bet but no after-the-river bet. Texas Hold’Em Bonus poker is played with a standard 52-card deck and each player begins by placing an ante bet and, optionally, also a bonus bet.

Player and dealer are then each dealt two face-down cards. The player then checks his or her cards and decides whether to fold and lose the ante bet or double the ante bet to continue playing. Three community cards – referred to as the flop – are then dealt. Texas Hold’Em Bonus players must once again decide whether to check or double the ante.

If players opt to continue another community card – called the turn – is dealt. Players then decide either to check or to wager the amount of the ante bet. One final card – known as the river – is dealt and the result of the game is determined by which party has the best five-card poker hand. Unlike standard Texas Hold’Em, Texas Hold’Em Bonus poker does not take bets after the river.

If the dealer has the best Texas Hold’Em Bonus hand, the player loses all bets except the bonus. If the hands tie, the dealer wins. If the player’s hand is strongest, he or she wins even money on the flop turn and river bets. To win even money on the ante, the player’s hand must be a straight or better. If not, the ante bet pushes.

The bonus bet depends exclusively on the player’s starting hand and is not linked to whether or not the player wins the main game.

Texas Hold’Em Bonus Betting Limits

The betting limits in the Amaya version of Texas Hold’Em Bonus poker are as follows:

  • Ante: 1.00 to 100.00 credits
  • Bonus: 1.00 to 25.00 credits

Amaya Texas Hold’Em Bonus Payouts

Payouts for the bonus and standard game vary in Texas Hold’Em Bonus poker. In the standard game, all bets pay out 1: 1. By contrast, bonus bets pay out from 3:1 all the way up to 1000:1, depending on the value of the hand.

Liberal Las Vegas Rules

There are various sets of rules available for Texas Hold’Em Bonus poker and Amaya has gone with the Las Vegas option, which is the most liberal, for both the bonus bet and standard game. As a result, the house edges for the game are 8.54% and 2.04% respectively.