Real Money Casino versus Double Down Casino

If you are familiar with online casino gaming, you have probably heard of DoubleDown Casino. As one of the world’s leading social media casinos, DoubleDown provides unequalled online casino entertainment for Facebook members. While the casino may have its advantages, many people want to know how it compares to regular online casinos. In the notes below we are going to take a look at a real money casino versus DoubleDown casino, what’s on offer and which type of casino you should be playing at. 

A Complete List of IGT Games

While DoubleDown casino is certainly unique, does it in fact offer more than you would find at a leading online casino? If we take a look at a real money casino versus DoubleDown casino, the biggest factor to take into account is the games on offer. DoubleDown casino is powered by IGT. This means that players have access to a vast catalogue of IGT games including the early classics as well as the latest IGT titles. On the other hand, there are many IGT casinos out there that offer an extensive range of games for both free and real money play.

Virtual Coins VS Real Money

As a social casino, DoubleDown does not offer any real money gambling facilities. The idea behind the casino is to give players the ability to play the latest high quality IGT casino games instantly online using only their Facebook login. Each day, the casino allocates a certain number of coins or chips for players to use. If players run out of chips and want to continue playing, they can purchase more coins directly through the casino. When looking at a real money casino versus DoubleDown Casino, a real money casino offers players a chance to play and win online.

Entertainment or Cash

If a player is playing their favourite slot at DoubleDown and happens to trigger the jackpot, the good news is that their credit will increase to a point where they probably don’t have to purchase chips any time in the near future. Unfortunately, the glory ends there. As DoubleDown is not a real money casino, players must bear in mind that playing is for entertainment purposes only. When comparing a real money casino versus DoubleDown Casino, real money casinos offer players the chance to cash out their winnings at the end of the day.

Playing Free Casino Games

What DoubleDown casino does offer is a sleek, easy to use social casino that is directly connected to your Facebook account. Players can access all the games they like and essentially play for “free” as long as their coin credits allow. Each day, new credits are allotted to each player giving them the freedom to keep playing. If we look at a real money casino versus DoubleDown Casino, real money casinos also offer free casino no deposit games. The only difference is that at a real money casino, players need to sign up, insert their personal and financial details and activate their account before any playing can be done. That being said, the ability to play free games and the chance to win real money still wins out in most cases.