iPhone Video Poker for Players on the Move

iPhone Video Poker for Players on the Move

Who doesn’t love a good game of video poker? It’s fun, interactive, and there are so many different variants to choose from. Plus, there’s some mega money up for grabs if you play at the Web’s top online casinos.

Of course, the other perk of playing video poker online is that you can play just about any time and anywhere you like! And now, thanks to the advent of mobile video poker, you can take out the “just about” part and really access all the games and jackpots you want, literally anywhere on Earth with an internet connection.

iPhone video poker is one of the ultimate ways to do this because it brings this new mode of play to the ultimate mobile interface. Millions of people around the world love their iPhones and about as many love video poker. If you fall into both categories, then prepare to love iPhone video poker.

Why Play on Your iPhone?

As arguably the most popular mobile device in the world today, the iPhone is usually the first smartphone that companies consider when developing mobile apps. What this means for iPhone video poker is that you are more likely to find the casino or game app you’re looking for on iPhone than on any other smartphone. Also, for the same reason, the software available for iPhone video poker often outclasses its non-iOS counterparts because it’s been around for longer and has more competition to contend with.

Aside from all that, everyone knows that the iPhone interface is second to none, with stellar graphics capabilities, crystal-clear resolution, a large ultra-sensitive touch screen, and lightweight hardware, ideal for hand-held use. This translates to iPhone video poker that is visually engaging and realistic – an amazing sensory experience packed into a pocket-sized device.

How does iPhone Video Poker Work?

iPhone video poker is pretty much identical to any other kind of mobile video poker. You find the casino or game you like at the App Store or at a mobile website and you download the necessary software or play immediately via your iPhone’s browser.

At list of top online casinos in Malaysia you choose the type of iPhone video poker you would like to play and you are taken to a screen, where you’ll have access to a virtual card table. Select the “deal” button to be dealt five cards, face-up. The objective of iPhone video poker changes from one variant to the next and, based on the objective question, you must review your cards and decide to either “hold” or discard any or all of your five cards.

You will then be dealt new cards to replace any discarded ones and, if your hand is better than the dealer’s hand, you win!

iPhone Video Poker Options

As we pointed out earlier, part of the beauty of iPhone video poker is that there are so many interesting variants from which to choose.

Jacks or Better, for example, is the best-known iPhone video poker variant and requires players to be dealt a hand of two jacks or better to receive a payout. Wins are generally paid out as one coin per coin wagered and the bet max is usually capped at five coins.

Then there are wild card iPhone video poker games. Here, one of the cards in the deck becomes wild – like the joker in rummy – so it can replace other cards to make up winning hands.

And there are plenty more iPhone video poker variants where these came from, including Tens or Better, Super Jackpot, Power Poker, and many others.